Clariter’s upcycling technology transforms problematic plastic waste into climate-neutral renewable carbon-based petrochemicals. These are used by industry to create a multitude of sustainable crude oil-alternative products. Our solution is in direct alignment with the Renewable Carbon Initiative’s vision of empowering stakeholders to phase out fossil resources and replace them with renewable carbon. We feel privileged to be amongst the RCI members whose aim is to achieve climate neutrality by 2050.

Clariter has created a revolutionary upcycling process that provides a large-scale solution for the worlds’ plastic waste problem. The technology ends the life for most plastic waste streams, even the problematic, mixed, and those hardest to recycle. This helps clean the planet effectively and create strongly profitable business opportunities. Rather than recycling plastic waste into intermediates that require further processing, Clariter transforms the waste into 3 industrial, ready-to-use product families: white oils, paraffin waxes, and aliphatic solvents. These pure crude oil alternatives are used as ingredients to make a multitude of sustainable, everyday consumer end-products. The footprint of Clariter’s process is net carbon negative and preferable to landfills, incineration, and other pyrolysis-based solutions. The company’s technology is proven through an operational Pilot Plant in Gliwice, Poland, and an Industrial-scale Plant in East London, South Africa. Clariter’s offices are located in Israel, Poland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Without compromise on profitability or sustainability, Clariter unlocks the value of the circular economy.

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