As an Outdoor & Sports Outfitters, VAUDE is committed to leave the lowest possible footprint on our products and the environment. As a pioneer in sustainable practices, we brought already several new technologies into our industry and going beyond. Just to name a few:

  • First textile2textile recycling concept in 1994 (ECOLOG)
  • One of the first bluesign members and supporters
  • Bringing biobased synthetics into the textile and sporting goods world
  • Adopters and first-mover of innovate chemical recycling schemes (depolymerization, conversion (pyrolysis)
  • Exploring the limits of mechanical recycling and going the next steps with performance products made from municipal waste collection
  • Developing next level mechanical recycling processes together with our institutional partners

Proud project member of the Horizon2020 EFFECTIVE project (developing and commercializing the world 100% biobased PA6)

As an SME we do have limited resources to push for new technologies which are helping us to reach our goals to reduce our environmental footprint. We rely on strong partnerships, especially with the upstream supply-chain. A quite unique point in our industry is that we have business relationship with the upstream suppliers going to the beginning of the entire value-chain and connecting the stakeholders with each other.

The RCI brings finally all sustainable raw material input flows together under one roof. It´s not one technology against another, moreover the comply strictly to keep the carbon in loop. Our expectations are among others:

  • To develop together with stakeholders in the initiative valuable commercial solutions to fade out virgin fossil carbon from industry´s material portfolio
  • Advocate on the acceptation and supporting on sustainable technologies in the material sector
  • Representing the consumer brand (textile) side and being a multiplicator into other bodies
  • Combined evaluation on holistic sustainability aspects
  • Pushing for a clear communication
  • There´s no single solution existing to reduce our global impacts and helping to create a livable future

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