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Personal Supporters are experts in bioeconomy, circular economy, CO2 utilisation, chemical recycling or related sectors. Through their professional knowledge and experience, they understand the need for a fundamental change in the chemical industry and endorse the Renewable Carbon Initiative.

Here they show their personal support for a strategy towards renewable carbon.They become visible on the RCI website and have the chance to find like-minded experts.

As a small token of appreciation, Personal Supporters will receive a badge that identifies you as a pioneer in renewable carbon.
We will keep personal supporters informed about the RCI’s webinars, general activities and invite them for feedback and opinions.

Get to know the Initial personal supporters of the initiative

These 207 experts already support the Initiative

Name Company / Institute / Consultant Country Comment
Paulo Machado W2E-EPS

We are work extensivelly in develop projects WtFs arround the world. Our main focus is Enhance Gasification and Plasma Refining. No emission and carbon FootPrint negative. Other Projects are underdevelopment.

Dr. Höfer proFagus GmbH

Chemicals from Biomass? This is done for more than 125 years in Germany. After the use of charcoal and Specialty Chemicals, there are still plenty of Specialty Chemicals for extraction from wood residues available. Nature is enabling complex structures and we know how to handle them. The target for renewable carbon in our view is to move from energy use to material uses.

Gemma Ibarz-Ric ITAINNOVA
Rakesh Vazirani TUV Rheinland

The best way to start is to start :-). Congratulations to all members and supporters of RCI for starting.
I'm looking forward to further regulation/policy analysis between RCI goals and objectives as it relates to climate law, REACH, Sustainable Products Initiative, Circular Economy, Zero Waste, etc.

Adrian Brandt Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

A revolution for the chemical industry! This shift will help to fight against climate change helping to save our planet for us and next generations. It is worth every effort in all industrial value chains!
Henkel Adhesive Technologies, Bio-Renewables R&D platform, Chemistry

Grégoire Henry UCLouvain - Bioengineering & biorefining lab

MSc in chemistry - PhD student Agronomic sciences and bioengineering - Topic : Belgian agro-industrial residues valorization into medium chain carboxylic acids thanks to mixed microbial culture.

Ramesh Maturi Innoterra India Pvt Ltd

It requires multi-facet stakeholder engagement for renewable carbon especially in the agriculture sector which is one of the major contributors to global emissions.

Bart Tambuyser CARBOGANIC Fibers & Fillers

At Carboganic we envision a world free of fossil carbon-based materials. Therefore, we develop biocarbon fibers & fillers for engineered material solutions. We are delighted that NOVA institute took this initiative. Thumbs up!

Aayush Tekriwal PT Van Aroma

I and my organization PT Van Aroma support the Renewable Carbon Initiative and the ideas behind it. In order to curb climate change, it is absolutely necessary to turn towards regenerative sources of energy, and start using carbon in a sustainable, and circular way.

Tobias Wittmann SunCoal Industries GmbH

SunCoal offers technology for production of materials from lignin.

Martin Kavšček Acies Bio
Nina Hakanson Alfa Laval

At Alfa Laval we believe that collaboration and strong, lasting partnerships are the key to accelerating tomorrow’s sustainable solutions for a circular economy. We have the robust and proven technologies for your process. Ready to accelerate the journey to a more sustainable world? Please get in touch!

Anne Marie de Moei-Galera ALFA LAVAL AB

Today we live in a linear, take-make-waste economy. Products are used and thrown away, denying us access to still valuable and often scarce natural resources.
In a circular economy, every aspect of the product life cycle is designed to minimize waste and pollution. Everything is recirculated. Not only does this mean a more efficient, responsible and sustainable use of resources. Thanks to our unique understanding of separation and thermal technologies, Alfa Laval has led the way in the development of new solutions to advance the circular economy. We can help you improve resource efficiency and reduce, reuse and recycle today’s waste streams.


Jacques Degroote, ETH-Z engineer (CH), has invented a method of chemical marking of produced or captured gases, to allow their traceability for the certification of their sequestration (CCS) or the production of a guarantee of non-fossil origin (CCU).

Claudia Balaban
Sebastian Anton Afyren

Working for a company who is offering carboxylic acids made from agricultural by-products as an drop-in-alternative for crude derived acids, I'm super excited to follow the development of the RCI and even become an active supporting part of it.

Wim de Jong Twence

Carbon is not only an essential component for life on Earth, it is also an essential building block for many materials that we use in daily life, therefore we must develop new chains as soon as possible to help prevent further climate change. That is why the initiative has my full support

Wolfgang Ranfft de smet engineers & contractors
Karina Pölzl ALPLA Werke Alwin Lehner GmbH & Co KG
Tony Picaro Process Consultant

The Renewable Carbon Initiative is a great opportunity to build momentum to remove CO2 from the atmosphere in order to limit climate change and develop a more sustainable future.

Tim Schulzke Fraunhofer-Institut für Umwelt-, Sicherheits- und Energietechnik UMSICHT
Tomasz Ciamulski FibriTech

FibriTech develops a new industrial process of forming fibri-material in real 3D space from all types of natural organic fibres (wood fibres, cellulose, plant-based, cotton). We can control any external shapes, as well as densities and gradients inside the material structure. The technology leads to multiple applications and some of them are cross-disciplinary. We are willing to discuss cooperation on innovative applications like alternatives to plastics and other fossil-based materials (e.g. soilless agri substrates). We are also looking for industrial partners experienced in fibrous material manufacturing like filters, thermal and sound isolators, packaging.


Great initiative to support future generation needs.

Raul de Brito W2E-EPS (Waste to Energy - Engineering, Products & Services)

Firm supporter and an active voice for the Renewable Carbon Initiative in Portugal. As paladins of plasma gasification of landfill waste - an innovative and disruptive method to efficiently produce cost-competitive renewable hydrogen - our plants also capture (CCU) the renewable CO2 thermo-chemically recycled from the organic waste (technosphere source of renewable carbon).

Mikhail Shiryaev Chemical engineer

I would like to keep a positive meaning for carbon, backbone of many useful applications. I see this initiative as very important for our society.

Maxime Katgely Rong Yi Solutions

In my 23 years as engineer, manager and executive in Petrochemicals, with positions all over the world, I did my best to make the world a better place. I have been a leader to pursue efficiencies and promote transition to recycling and circularity, especially for plastics and rubber. But I though we need more, and have to cause and embrace disruption.
In 2020, I therefore resigned and Founded Rong Yi Solutions on the simple idea that lowering carbon footprint and transitioning our take/make/waste economy to a circular one is life critical.
Rong Yi Solutions vision combines different aspects of a think tank (to build this new paradigms outside of transactional contexts), a consultancy agency (to support clients into their transition) and a center of expertise (to teach, train and collaborate with others who want the same). It is intended to be a "B-Corp" - profit is not measured on ROI only, but in positive contribution to an inclusive sustainable future. This change - that we need to operate - will take all of us, I am thrilled by initiatives such as "the renewable carbon" to preserve and handle appropriately this resource, for us and our children.

Mark Lobban WaterMark Technical Solutions

Most interested in leadership and brightest minds collaboration into a carbon-free transformation of human industry.

Stefan Radlmayr silphie paper gmbh

Nature has always been generous. But why use its generosity of millions of years ago in fossil resources, when living, growing biomass offers zero carbon, renewable alternatives?

Jakob Köchermann DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH

RCI brings together stakeholders from industry and research to jointly drive the transition from a fossil-based linear to a sustainable circular chemical industry. DBFZ is working on platform chemicals from biomass, so we support this initiative 100%.
Let's make our planet great again!

Ana Maria Bravo Bravo Strategies

The renewable Carbon initiative brings together three promising approaches to minimize the use of fossil Carbon, and to help the EU meet its ambitious net-zero emission by 2050. I am a proud supporter!

Anindya Mukherjee i2i LLC/GO!PHA

Renewing existing carbon in materials specially those materials that can replace fossil plastic is not only essential, it actually creates a business opportunity that can and will be profitable for entrepreneurs, investors and consumers! And that’s the only way to go! Yippie-I-oh!!

Sanjay Dodiya Aditya Birla Science & Technology Co. Pvt. Ltd.

Its our responsibility to give sustainable future to upcoming generation and renewable carbon is precious gift to them. We must focus on reducing carbon (CO2) capture costs and efficient conversion technologies to mimic nature. Nature fixes CO2 via photosynthesis and produces biomass, I believe answers to renewable carbon lies in making artificial photosynthesis - food & combined with green hydrogen to produce chemicals.

Robert Nolles Cosun Beet Company - Biobased Experts

Being one of the Cosun Biobased Experts, I strongly support the Renewable Carbon Initiative! Contributing to the circular economy is what drives us.

Sebastiano Garroni University of Sassari
Katharina Resch-Fauster Montanuniversitaet Leoben/Materials Science and Testing of Polymers

With a research focus on sustainable materials and green engineering I would like to support this great and important initiative!

Barbara Olioso The Green Chemist Consultancy
Claudio Dunan Bioceres SA

Claudio Dunan (Director of Strategy of Bioceres SA): Focused on the development of innovative solutions for the transition to carbon neutrality in agriculture and the replacement of fossil carbon in the energy, fuel, chemical, and building industries.

Octavian Partenie TNO VoltaChem

Great initiative in a rapidly growing field that's essential to reduce waste and emissions. TNO is also part of this movement and I'd be eager to offer my support. My knowledge areas are hydrogen production, hydrocarbon processing and techno-economic assessment of novel technologies.

Elsbeth Roelofs MVO Nederland

At MVO Nederland we aim to accelerate the establishment of the new economy, that is climate neutral, circular, nature positive, inclusive and built around fair supply chains. As program manager Sustainable Chemical Business I think the Renewable Carbon Initiative points out very clearly where we should be heading for the chemical sector. In Europe and the rest of the world.

Sophia Opperskalski Textile Exchange

To limit global warming and accelerate the urgent transition from fossil carbon to renewable carbon, we have to collaborate and act now. This is the reason why I decided to become a personal supporter of the Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI). With a background in the textile industry, I am keen to explore how we can accelerate the transition to renewable carbon in the textile industry. Let's collaborate and accelerate the transition now!

Jacques Chatenet Blanchon
John Ephraim Torres INSEAD

My background combines science, engineering, and business. I spent more than 3 years teaching chemistry at two universities, and during my last year of teaching, I co-founded an education company in which I managed the finance and strategy functions for 4 years before selling my shares to strategic investors. While teaching, I also pursued a master’s degree in chemical engineering and studied the utilization of biomass as sources of energy and materials. It was during my research that I became particularly interested in the cleantech space. Since 2018, in line with my interest in cleantech and business, I started engaging in business consulting work with a cleantech company. I work on pre-feasibility studies for ventures in bioenergy, biofuels, and sustainable agriculture. I conduct both technical and financial evaluations, as well as market analysis and operational analysis. I also give recommendations on how to enter the market and how to set up and operate the new companies.
My next goal is to join a strategy consulting firm or venture capital firm that focuses on the cleantech space. To prepare for this goal, I will be joining INSEAD’s MBA Program from January to December 2021.

Simelys Hernandez Politecnico di Torino

I'm working in the development of sustainable future technologies aimed to reduce fossil fuel-C utilization and I believe that initiatives like this can be very helpful !... Glad to be able to support it.

Jagdeep Singh Avantium

Our Future is determined by the decisions that we take in our Present. I believe that our future will be prosperous only when we are in complete sync with Mother Nature. And this renewable carbon initiative is one of those decisions of our present that will lead us to our prosperous future.

Keith Flitner Continental Controls Corporation
Leyla Farhang

Let’s pass a healthy planet to future generations!

Aleksi Palmroth Arctic Biomaterials
Bojarajan N Edelweiss Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited
Deepa Moharir Raj Speciality Additives P L

‘Diamonds are forever, how can carbon be any different?’ Very happy to know that a small step towards a better environment has been taken. Though I have a very small enterprise, our major decisions are based on how it will impact the nature. To really bring about a massive change we all need to collaborate, co-operate and work towards leaving a greener earth for our children. Giants who have taken the lead, need to build an army of carbon warriors by creating awareness and educating micro, small and medium enterprises around the globe for noticeable transformation. I will be honored to be able to contribute in whatever minuscule way I can.

Oğuz Tosun Life Enerji

Climate crisis is striking the planet Earth in ways that the humanity has never come across with to date. In response, carbon emissions have to be curbed urgently. I am ready to faciliate all the carbon neutral commitments as your carbon carbon killers!

Konstantin Sokurenko

The nature provides the resources for our life. Yes, we are using them well. Based on the major rule of physices: "No energy is going lost. It will be transfermed or/and transmited." We are calling the products which we don't need any more after our utilisation of resources as waste. This is completely wrong - those are also resources which have been transformed or/and transmited in another form. We have to learn to be smart enougth so finally we can use those resources.

Keshav Goela GAS LAB Asia
Vishnupriya Bhakthavatsalam Reliance Industries ltd

I wish to participate in this great inititive!

Ramesh Bhujade Process Engineering Professional, Independent Consultant

Process Engineering professional, having technology, engineering and management experience of over 39 years in wide spectrum of industries - Bio-economy, CO2 management, Oil & Gas, Refining, Petrochemicals and Polymers. The experience covers entire gamut of process technology value chain - from heading the R&D to engineering and production management.

Charles Ross Royal College of Art

Very interested in this whole principle; have been doing work with ReGenerative Agriculture - which offers a natural way to store carbon in the ground.

Kunal Shah Anaergia Inc

I sincerely support the Renewable Carbon Initiative. Fossil fuel based gas networks can be decarbonized by Biomethane produced by Anaerobic Digestion of Organic waste/feedstock. Similarly Biochar can be made from Digestate which can be a renewable way to return carbon back to soil. Happy to support this initiative from the perspective of Bioenergy, Biomethane, Biochar from Organic waste.

Thomas Lingard Unilever

This is a very exciting initiative and we're delighted to be involved.

Geoff Isaac University of Technology Sydney

PhD candidate interested in how product designers are responding to the environmental crisis by experimenting with alternatives to virgin fossil-based plastics. I am focsuing on case studies of chairs using recycled plastics and bioplastics.


Great to be part of this initiative for a smarter sustainability of our industry.

Eelco Blum Avantium Chemicals B.V.

I fully support any renewable carbon initiatives. Sugars are the new oil. Working towards a fossil free future!

Michael Omatsola-Morgan Individual

I am a mechanical engineering student researching biomass conversion to renewable carbon fuels such as biodiesel. This initiative is exactly what I have been looking for!

Ronald Wevers Dow Benelux BV

Let's make sure that we minimize emissions and maximise the materials in use.

Rao Jagdish Royal Dutch Shell
Bert Bosman SABIC

I support the Renewable Carbon Initiative and ideas behind it. In order to curb climate change it is absolutely necessary to start using carbon in a sustainable, circular way!

Mahmud Shahid AZ Tannery

We are supporter of sustainability in the production of leather.

Tomas Vucurevic BRAIND® Ingredient Brand Strategy Consulting

BRAIND® is a strategic brand consulting firm that helps sustainable and circular materials, processes & technologies to be known by conscious consumers and stakeholders in order to drive the transformation towards a green economy.

Christian von Malotki ECHD CONSULTING

"This is the right first step into a thoughtful future and I want to be part of it!"

Claire Dumas INRAE

I am an expert in environmental biotechnology. I am working on biological transformation of solid/urban wastes to organic acids. I am also currently developing a bioprocess for CO2 utilization to methane or organic acids.

Reza Ranjbar cpi

Dear Sir/Madam, I strongly support this initiative and would like very much to be a part of it.
Best regards, Reza Ranjbar

Joop Groen Biorizon - Circular Biobased Delta - Viride
Barbara Olfe-Kräutlein Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies
Christian Pinon Triact

Triact organises courses in Oleochemistry and related consultancy.

Drishti Masand Lux Research
Martijn de Graaff VoltaChem/TNO

Implementing renewable carbon is crucial for battling climate change. The sooner we can establish a circular carbon value chain, the better!

Jason Keehn Self

Past Senior Event Designer on relevant B2B conferences, including Bio-Based Chemicals & Materials, Sustainable Consumer Products, Community Choice Energy Summit, Bio-based Partnering, Microgrids, Renewable Energy Buyers Summit, & Metabolic Engineering for Infocast.

Bert Lagrain KU Leuven

Chemicals and materials production from renewable resources is a very important and rapidly growing field and forms the basis of the circular economy.

Andreas Haider Kompetenzzentrum Holz GmbH

As representative of a R&D institute dealing with sustainable topics in many fields I see this RCI initiative very important for our future.

Henk van Liempt Scientists for Future

Working for a sustainable society, utilizing only contemporary solar energy.

BHARATH GANDU Ariel University
Ulrich Heinze UHC Chemieberatung
Cédric Reuter TH Köln
Horst Beck Henkel AG&Co.KGaA

No doubt, that we need to stop using fossil resources, which all end today in our linear economy as CO2 in the atmosphere or as waste in land-fills and oceans. We need to come to real circular economy where we use Carbon within a loop of circularity. The missing Carbon in the loop (for growth and filling gabs) should come from bio-based sources or from CO2 only. I really like the logo of renewable Carbon as it makes clear that there is no competition between those three sources, but only towards fossil sources.

Chaitanya Joshi Praj Industries Ltd.
Joachim Kreysa Retired

Having worked in and for the BioEconomy, I believe that CCU is an important component for replacing fossil carbon, and I am convinced that it should play its role in our move towards a carbon neutral, or better carbon negative economy.

Joel Stone ConVergInce Advisers LLC

Joel’s participation and engagement with The Renewable Carbon Initiative is driven by his long-term commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability using industrial biotechnology to offer solutions: “I think the RCI platform will allow encourage a transformation and reinvention of the chemical industry and all other industries and governments to engage interactively to identify a unified pathway for maintaining an environment that our children and grandchildren can feel safe in for generations to come.”

Monique Wekking TNO / Biorizon
James McGregor University of Sheffield
Kees Kwant RVO, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate

Great initiative to work jointly on renewable Carbon through the Circular and Biobased Economy and to get it implemented!

Kamaljit Sood Sainc Energy Limited
Roger Samson Resource Efficient Agricultural Production-Canada

This is a well thought out approach that has a high potential to mitigate the problem. We are breeding and scaling up high yielding biomass warm season grasses for less than best farmlands in temperate regions of the world.

Amizon Azizan Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

Support RCI with my best commitment via university research for the benefit of the bioenergy industry.

Enrique Espi Repsol
Shailendra Singh SustainMantra

Renewable Carbon is one of the topmost significant initiative that if we as humans are able to crack, we can stop the degradation of our planet & begin the process of regenerating our natural capital!

Eoin Taggart Coillte

I would love to become a personal supporter of this great initiative and try to bring some knowledge back to our company and the Irish forestry industry as a whole.

Robert Stevenson American Laboratory

I'm very interested in sustainable chemistry and sequestering atmospheric carbon.

Derya Sara Denge Kimya
Philippe FONTA SCRUM-Consult

The creation of the RCI is a tremendous achievement and the beginning of an even more tremendous paradigm shift. Congratulations to the Nova Institute and the companies who decided to launch this initiative and I hope that many more companies will join the process. RCI will clearly be a pillar of the New International Carbon Economy (NICE).

Olivier Messager IPInside

Back in 2011, I initiated the Carbon Management Flagship initiative at KAUST in Saudi Arabia. Since then, I do provide management consulting services in the area of CCUS using expertises developed on key technologies like geophysics, clean combustion, porous materials and membrane as well as catalysis.

Katy Armstrong The University of Sheffield
Angela Smits Croda

Supplier of renewable ingredients for sustainable and durable materials.

Jürgen Pfitzer Tecnaro

One of the first 104 supporters!

Veronika Reinberg alchemia-nova GmbH

One of the first 104 supporters!

Wolfgang Wach Südzucker AG Mannheim/Ochsenfurt

One of the first 104 supporters!

Ludo Diels Flemish Institute for Technological Research (VITO)

One of the first 104 supporters!

Pieter Imhof BioBTX BV

One of the first 104 supporters!

Martin Treder Interessengemeinschaft für Thermische Abfallbehandlungsanlagen in Deutschland ITAD e.V.

One of the first 104 supporters!

Harriette Bos Wageningen UR Food & Biobased Research

One of the first 104 supporters!

Michael North University of York

One of the first 104 supporters!

Bianchi Sauro Berner Fachhochschule Architektur, Holz und Bau

One of the first 104 supporters!

Marjo Ketonen Arctic Biomaterials Oy

One of the first 104 supporters!

Wojciech Pawlikowski Noweko / Plastest Sp. zo.o.(Ltd)

One of the first 104 supporters!

Gijs van der Zanden Chemploy

One of the first 104 supporters!

Dirk Carrez Clever Consult / Bio-Based Industries Consortium (BIC)

One of the first 104 supporters!

Peter Greven Peter Greven GmbH & Co. KG

One of the first 104 supporters!

Johnny Beaugrand INRA

One of the first 104 supporters!

Marcus Kremers Airborne / Zwart Licht

One of the first 104 supporters!

Stafford Sheehan Air Co.

One of the first 104 supporters!

John Vos BTG Biomass Technology Group B.V.

One of the first 104 supporters!

Heleen De Wever VITO

One of the first 104 supporters!

Gunnar Holen Nordic Blue Crude AS

One of the first 104 supporters!

Sarah Refai CLIB -Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie 2021 e.V.

One of the first 104 supporters!

Peter Styring The University of Sheffield - CO2Chem

One of the first 104 supporters!

Christian Bonten Institut für Kunststofftechnik (IKT) - Universität Stuttgart

One of the first 104 supporters!

Helmut Nägele Tecnaro GmbH

One of the first 104 supporters!

Alastair Sanderson Unilever Research and Development

One of the first 104 supporters!

Philippe Fonta SCRUM-consult

One of the first 104 supporters!

Frank Kensy b.fab GmbH / C1 Bioeconomy

One of the first 104 supporters!

Christian Patermann Government Adviser of North-Rhine Westfalia on KBBE / European Commission

One of the first 104 supporters!

Yvonne van der Meer Maastricht University

One of the first 104 supporters!

Caroli Buitenhuis Green Serendipity

One of the first 104 supporters!

Matthias W. Gluth Lenzing AG

One of the first 104 supporters!


One of the first 104 supporters!

Christian Schweitzer bse Engineering Leipzig GmbH

One of the first 104 supporters!

André Bardow ETH Zürich

One of the first 104 supporters!

Wouter De Weirdt Tectero Bvba

One of the first 104 supporters!

Lieve Hoflack Calidris Bio bvba

One of the first 104 supporters!

Jan Ravenstijn Jan Ravenstijn Consulting / GO!PHA

One of the first 104 supporters!

Marco Veselka CropEnergies AG

One of the first 104 supporters!

Jurjen Spekreijse BTG - Biomass Technology Group

One of the first 104 supporters!

Birgit Bonefeld Aarhus University / BB Textile Biology

One of the first 104 supporters!

Thomas Müller-Kirschbaum Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

One of the first 104 supporters!

Stefan Roeraade Photanol BV

One of the first 104 supporters!

Haralabos (Akis) Zorbas Industrielle Biotechnologie Bayern Netzwerk GmbH (IBB)

One of the first 104 supporters!

Milica Folic Haldor Topsøe A/S

One of the first 104 supporters!

Jukka Kantola NC Partnering Ltd / World Bioeconomy Forum

One of the first 104 supporters!

Martin K. Patel University of Geneva - Chair for Energy Efficiency

One of the first 104 supporters!

Frank Brouwer Stahl International B.V.

One of the first 104 supporters!

Andreas Kohl Verbio AG

One of the first 104 supporters!

Sascha Schriever RWTH Aachen - Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA)

One of the first 104 supporters!

Wolfgang Baltus Wobalt Expedition Consultancy

One of the first 104 supporters!

Doris De Guzman Tecnon OrbiChem Ltd.

One of the first 104 supporters!

Dennis Herzberg CLIB - Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie e.V.

One of the first 104 supporters!

Samir Rachidi IRESEN

One of the first 104 supporters!

Chrystelle Verhoest Laborelec

One of the first 104 supporters!

Samir Somaiya Godavari Biorefineries Ltd / Somaiya Vidyavihar

One of the first 104 supporters!

Christiaan Bolck Wageningen UR

One of the first 104 supporters!

Carmen Michels FKuR Kunststoff GmbH

One of the first 104 supporters!

Gudbrand Rødsrud Borregaard Lignotech

One of the first 104 supporters!

Patrick Zimmermann FKuR Kunststoff GmbH

One of the first 104 supporters!

Olivier Floch Unilever U.K. Central Resources Limited

One of the first 104 supporters!

Arne Kätelhön Carbon Minds GmbH

One of the first 104 supporters!

Deepak Pant VITO

One of the first 104 supporters!

Christian Breyer Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT)

One of the first 104 supporters!

Klaas Jan Schouten Avantium Technologies B.V.

One of the first 104 supporters!

Olav Aagaard Vinventions SA

One of the first 104 supporters!

Michael Knutzen MWK COnsulting

One of the first 104 supporters!

Erik Colstee DeMonchy

One of the first 104 supporters!

Suvi Haimi Sulapac

One of the first 104 supporters!

Maija Pohjakallio Sulapac Ltd

One of the first 104 supporters!

Joachim Venus Leibniz-Institut für Agrartechnik Potsdam-Bornim e.V. (ATB)

One of the first 104 supporters!

Wim Soetaert Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant / Gent University

One of the first 104 supporters!

Lars Börger Neste SA

One of the first 104 supporters!

Mikael Lindström RISE Research Institutes of Sweden

One of the first 104 supporters!

Fabien Resweber MCPP France

One of the first 104 supporters!

Sten Wranik bse Engineering Leipzig GmbH

One of the first 104 supporters!

Nicholas Flanders Opus 12, Inc

One of the first 104 supporters!

Fons Janssen Green Deal 4 Youth

One of the first 104 supporters!

Massimo Bregola Cargill S.r.L.

One of the first 104 supporters!

Andries Olie Cosun Beet Company

One of the first 104 supporters!

Ulrich Schörken TH Köln

One of the first 104 supporters!

Manfred Kircher KADIB - Kircher Advice in Bioeconomy & CLIB - Cluster Industrielle Biotechnologie

One of the first 104 supporters!

Anuj K. Chandel University of São Paulo (USP)

One of the first 104 supporters!

Reinier Grimbergen TNO Voltachem

One of the first 104 supporters!

Erik Pijlman KNN Cellulose B V / Recell

One of the first 104 supporters!

Frank van Noord Cosun Beet Company

One of the first 104 supporters!

René Bethmann VAUDE Sport GmbH & Co. KG

One of the first 104 supporters!

Gero Leson Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps / Leson & Associates

One of the first 104 supporters!

Sean D. Simpson LanzaTech Ltd.

One of the first 104 supporters!

Mark Reinders HempFlax BV

One of the first 104 supporters!

David Winickoff OECD

One of the first 104 supporters!

Jeremiah Dutton Trifilon

One of the first 104 supporters!

Mariam Ispahani Sonali Bioplastics

One of the first 104 supporters!

Philippe Boulanger Carbon Recycling International

One of the first 104 supporters!

Asger Strange Olesen COWI A/S

One of the first 104 supporters!

Seb Sbuttoni Trans-Global Events Ltd.

One of the first 104 supporters!

Andreas Kiesel Universität Hohenheim - Institute Crop Science

One of the first 104 supporters!

James Philp OECD

One of the first 104 supporters!

Jeroen van Dorp ChainCraft

One of the first 104 supporters!

Rafael Cayuela Dow Europe GmbH

One of the first 104 supporters!

Thomas Gries RWTH Aachen University

One of the first 104 supporters!

Errit Bekkering Chemport Europe

One of the first 104 supporters!

Juha Lehtonen VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

One of the first 104 supporters!

Keith Simons SHV Energy

One of the first 104 supporters!

Manuela Köhler Beiersdorf

One of the first 104 supporters!

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