amynova polymers

Company profile

amynova polymers (DE) is a company that develops, researches and produces amylofol®, an innovative starch-based biopolymer. Due to its unique properties, amylofol® has great potential for increasing the efficiency of crop protection and fertilisation in agricultural production, as a barrier coating on paper and packaging, and for dust binding in various industrial and environmental applications. amylofol® can also be used as a formulation aid in cosmetics and personal care, and as a lubricant in industrial processes. amylofol® can replace conventional polymer substances that are persistent, harmful to health and the environment, and thus already meet European requirements.

Why did they join RCI? 

„amynova polymers is excited to join the Renewable Carbon Initiative to collaborate, share knowledge and contribute to the industry’s transition from fossil to renewable carbon sources. We believe in the power of collective action to drive sustainable change. By joining forces with like-minded members, we aim to accelerate innovation and play a key role in shaping a more sustainable future for the chemicals and materials industry.”

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