“We work with like-minded partners along the value chain from around the globe to commercialise our products and to accelerate the transition towards renewable and circular products. We strongly believe that Renewable Carbon Initiative can support us in achieving our goals.”

We offer unique technological solutions to address the global need to reduce plastic waste, help tackle climate change and transition into a circular, sustainable biobased economy. Our two lead products are FDCA and plantMEG™. Together, they enable the production of the novel plastic PEF: a 100% plant-based, fully recyclable polymer with superior performance and with a significantly lower carbon footprint. PEF and plantMEG™ can be used in packaging, textiles, film and more – everyday items fit for today’s world.

Company profile

Avantium is an innovation-driven company dedicated to developing and commercialising breakthrough chemistry technologies for the production of chemicals and materials from renewable sources (biomass as well as CO2) instead of fossil resources. Avantium also provides advanced catalysis products and services to organisations who desire to gain efficiency in their processes. Headquartered in Amsterdam, we employ approximately 220 people, with extensive R&D laboratories and three pilot plants in Geleen and Delfzijl, the Netherlands.

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Interview with Ed de Jong, Avantium, (Netherlands), RCI June 2023 (1168 downloads )
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