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COLIPI produces Climate Oil™ by fermenting renewable carbon from organic by-products or CO2 from point sources, yielding an oil with a minimal carbon footprint. This oil serves as a direct substitute for unsustainable vegetable oils and fossil hydrocarbons. COLIPI is committed to assisting industrial partners in reducing their carbon footprint and producing sustainable consumer products that enhance generational life quality. Climate Oil™ finds direct application in end-product formulations across various industries or serves as a feedstock within the chemical sector. This facilitates subsequent chemical modifications aimed at diminishing reliance on fossil hydrocarbons and advancing the process of defossilisation. COLIPI won second prize in the “Renewable Material of the Year 2023” competition.

COLIPI wishes to join the RCI to foster the development of a carbon circular bioeconomy. Through this endeavor, we aspire to address global warming and ensure prosperity for current and future generations. To facilitate the necessary industrial transformation, it is essential to establish a like-minded community, learn about novel technologies, developments, policies, and agree on mutual strategies at different levels to drive defossilisation and close carbon cycles. The RCI serves as a unique and world-leading platform for this purpose.

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