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Dioxycle (FR) is a start-up company founded on the principle that innovative advances and a do-it-yourself mentality can create cost-effective ways to convert waste carbon emissions into valuable feedstocks. At the heart of their solution is a proprietary electrolysis technology that breaks down carbon emissions and reconstructs them into ethylene – the world most sold petrochemical, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional chemicals and fuels while cutting down atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

The team at Dioxycle has a unique blend of hands-on industrial experience and expertise in electrochemistry, carbon dioxide chemistry, battery science and materials science. With 70% of the team holding a PhD and representing over 10 different nationalities, they are well equipped to develop and optimise their electrolyser technology. The company’s focus is on maximising efficiency and scalability, with plans to displace over 800 megatonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Why did you join RCI? 

“By joining the Renewable Carbon Initiative, Dioxycle aims to benefit from RCI’s extensive knowledge in areas such as policy, sustainability, labelling and recycling. Dioxycle is actively involved in CCU advocacy at both the French national and EU level and believes that joining RCI will facilitate the development of a more unified and effective approach to action. Importantly, Dioxycle is keen to participate in the development of the RCI’s scientific papers to add credibility to the CCU sector.

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