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Fibenol is at the forefront of creating sustainable biomaterials, offering a solution for a more environmentally friendly future. We are committed to moving beyond fossil-based chemicals and instead focus on producing renewable biomaterials using lower-value hardwood sourced from certified forests. Through wood fractionation, Fibenol is revolutionizing the wood processing industry.

Our groundbreaking demonstration plant utilizes Sweetwater’s Sunburst pre-processing technology, enabling faster and more efficient biomass fractionation compared to any other technology available. This industrial-scale demonstration plant showcases how our innovative pre-treatment technology, can convert over 90% of woody biomass into high-quality lignin and wood sugars.

Our biomaterials have a low ecological footprint and minimal environmental impact. They provide sustainable alternatives for various industries, including chemistry, cosmetics, and construction materials. Fibenol collaborates with diverse companies and projects to overcome the challenges associated with using these biomaterials in different applications, ranging from cosmetics to construction.

By choosing Fibenol, companies can achieve their sustainability goals while still delivering high-quality products. Our innovative technology allows businesses to reduce their environmental impact. What started as an idea on paper in 2016 has now reached the final stage of commissioning our demonstration plant, with plans underway for our next industrial-scale facility.

Furthermore, Fibenol operates and owns a world-class, unique wood processing technology. We collaborate with partners worldwide to scale up this technology and promote wood valorization on a global scale, supporting various industries in their pursuit of sustainability.

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