“Futerro’s message today is simple: we have spent decades extracting carbon from the soil and injecting it into the air and the environment. It is now time to reverse the process and completely reinvent our petrochemistry to biochemistry, of which biopolymers are a key solution.
As circularity is a main challenge for our future, Futerro has developed a full bio-RENEW-able polymer. RENEW PLA® is a biobased, low carbon footprint, industrially compostable, and fully recyclable polymer.”

Futerro, since its creation, is fully committed to the environmental transition to bioeconomy and circular economy.
Our product’s life starts in the land. Thanks to photosynthesis, the plant captures CO₂ to transform it into sugar and our role is to make biopolymers with it. With our polymer made from renewable resource, we offer our customers a reliable solution to start their ecological transition.

We believe that we can go further together. That’s why joining RCI makes sense and will allow us to share knowledge and expertise with other committed actors, but also to participate in the reflections to find new sustainable solutions to reduce the global carbon footprint.

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Since 1992, has been a pioneer and world leader in bioplastics with the development and production of Poly-Lactic Acid. PLA is a well-recognized bio-sourced polymer able to replace a large number of traditional petro-based plastic used in applications, it can also be fully chemically recycled into monomer.

Our objective as a producer is to make the European authorities aware of the need to promote the use of bio-sourced polymers such as PLA, which is necessary to replacethe petro-sourced carbon in chemistry. Moreover, it is important that the authorities anticipate that part of agriculture will produce carbon for chemicals without competing with human food.

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