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At Syensqo, our strategy is centered on creating advanced, sustainable solutions that help drive growth. Supported by our market-leading positions and underpinned by innovation leadership, we invest in science and in the future.

Our focus on scientific exploration enables us to deliver a diverse and distinguished portfolio of products and solutions. Syensqo is a leading provider in areas including specialty polymers for electric vehicles, lightweight materials for aerospace, and biosourced solvents and surfactants for consumer products.

Our Renewable Materials & Biotechnology platform was launched to accelerate the renewable feedstock transition from fossil carbon to renewable carbon for all organic chemicals and materials.
From agriculture to personal care, food and beverages to automotive, Syensqo aims at meeting customers’ growing demand for sustainable solutions.

Joining RCI is an important step for Syensqo to progress on its sustainability ambition. Believing in collaboration, Syensqo will bring experience, knowledge and network to enrich the RCI.By increasing the share of renewable carbon in our product offering, Syensqo is constantly seizing the opportunity to raise the bar and reinvent progress.

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