“TripleW is pleased to join the Renewable Carbon Initiative to realize our shared goal of reducing dependence on fossil-based carbon. We believe that, whenever possible, products should be based on renewable carbon, with “Renewability” as the key to achieving a sustainable circular bioeconomy.”

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TripleW produces highly pure lactic acid, made entirely from renewable carbon, with a major positive impact on climate change. We generate major added value for existing waste management infrastructure, by retrofitting anaerobic digestion, incineration or landfill facilities that deal with significant organic waste streams to accommodate our process. Lactic acid has a range of applications, including cleaning agents, personal care, as well as production of the bioplastic, polylactic acid (PLA). The patented, fermentation-based process can be implemented anywhere in the world where food waste is discarded and also enables chemical recycling of PLA, back into the process, further reducing wastage. Our innovative, circular solution diverts waste from landfills and generates up to five times more revenue compared to biogas production from supermarket logistic returns, surplus, industrial rejects and municipal source-separated food waste, with superior carbon savings and significant side product returns.

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