Renewable carbon from sustainable sources will accelerate the transformation of the chemical industry and offer brand owners and material producers exciting new opportunities for improving their environmental performance

We are committed to leading the integration of the bio and forest industries on the path to a sustainable, innovation-driven future. Responding to global challenges is never an easy task, but we firmly believe that we can make a meaningful contribution. Our Biofore strategy guides us in this mission, with the UPM Code of Conduct as the cornerstone of everything that we do. At UPM Biochemicals we offer and develop innovative, sustainable and competitive wood-based chemicals for a variety of uses. Our high-quality biochemicals are derived from renewable wood originating from sustainably managed forests.

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UPM leads the forest-based bioindustry into a sustainable, innovation-driven, and exciting future across six business areas.We create renewable and responsible solutions that replace fossil-based materials by making the most of residues and side streams. We rely on renewable and biodegradable raw materials to produce recyclable everyday items and materials.Thanks to our global capabilities and strong position in the forest biomass sourcing chain, we’re in a unique position to advance a circular economy in all our businesses. Moreover, we’re constantly challenging ourselves by expanding into new end-use areas.At UPM, we see responsibility as a requirement for long-term value creation and live by our values – trust and be trusted, achieve together, renew with courage.

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