Membership information

Why join RCI?

RCI members profit from a unique network of pioneers in the sustainable chemical industry. They

  • share knowledge and expertise with other members;
  • make their activities visible to potential partners and customers;
  • profit from the experiences of other pioneers on the way to a sustainable future.

Who can join?

Producing companies of all sizes as well as research institutes can become members of the Renewable Carbon Initiative. Membership fees depend on size and type of the applicant. Associations interested in a partnership are welcome to contact Verena Roberts for further information.

RCI offers its members

  • A common voice for the renewable carbon economy.
  • Increased visibility of their individual renewable carbon solutions.
  • Collective advocacy work to create a supportive regulatory and economic framework.
  • Support in finding solutions for your specific problems on the way to your renewable carbon goals.

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Member activities


RCI drives the message of renewable carbon and represents its stakeholders to the public and decision-makers.

Shaping the initiative

Members actively shape the direction of the initiative and the renewable carbon strategy.


Members are part of the RCI communication activities, are therefore highly visible and convey credibility. Get recognised as a pioneer in the transition to renewable carbon.

Working Groups

Members can form working groups on their desired topics such as technology and policy.


Members receive intimate information about RCI activities, strategies and budget allocations.


Nobody can do it alone! Together with other RCI members you will create an eco-system for renewable carbon solutions – the renewable carbon community. All RCI members meet twice a year, once in person, once online.

Discount advantage

Members get discounts for selected partner events and selected studies.

Joint Research

Members will be informed about upcoming research calls and the renewable carbon community will serve as a pool for project partners. Members can commission joint market and technology reports.

Become a member of the Renewable Carbon Initiative and shape the future of the chemical industry

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