Below you will find all relevant publications of the Renewable Carbon Initiaive, including the official RCI flyer, our position papers focused on political advocacy, our scientific background paper to add objective arguments into the discussions, and additional elements like infographics, posters and supporting documents. ur materials free for press purposes and non-commercial use by naming the source.

RCI Flyer

RCI Flyer (April 2023)

The official RCI flyer that shows the goal and vision of RCI, benefits of joining the RCI and member overview (April 2023 version).

RCI Key Policy Messages

RCI Key Policy Messages (July 2023)

This short document contains seven key policy messages the RCI advocates for to shape the future of the chemical and material industry. 

RCI Position Papers

RCI’s position on the Commission Proposal for a Green Claims Directive (GCD)Towards science-based substantiation of claims and accurate biogenic carbon accounting (September 2023)

The RCI endorses the Green Claims Directive’s (GCD) mission to provide consumers and businesses with reliable, comparable, and verifiable information to facilitate sustainable choices. In our position paper, we emphasise three aspects that, in our view, require additional attention to maximise the impact of the GCD and support products and solutions derived from non-fossil, renewable-carbon-based feedstock from biomass, CCU or recycling.

RCI’s Manifesto for the next European Commission (2024-2029) (August 2023)

The RCI Manifesto highlights key issues for the new European Commission (2024 – 2029) to take up and focus on.

RCI’s position on the Commission Proposal for a Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation  (May 2023)

This position paper highlights chances for the EU to lead the way to a sustainable packaging industry and to promote innovation.

RCI’s position on the Communication on Sustainable Carbon Cycles (April 2023)

The Communication on Sustainable Carbon Cycles (December 2021) is a milestone in European policy as it acknowledges the value of carbon as a feedstock and its need in certain sectors. This position paper highlights why this is an important step in the right direction and asks policy makers for effective follow-up.

RCI’s Position on Mass Balance and free Attribution (October 2022)

This position paper highlights the importance of mass balance and free attribution (MBFA) as one possible way to incentivise the transformation of the chemical sector away from fossil and on towards renewable carbon.

RCI’s position on the draft EU Policy framework on bio-based, biodegradable and compostable plastics (October 2022)

The Commission “Policy framework on bio-based, biodegradable and compostable plastics” aims at developing guidance on the sustainable use of bio-based plastics and on the use of biodegradable or compostable plastics. This position paper of the RCI comments on the draft from summer 2022.

RCI Scientific Background Reports

RCI’s Scientific Background Report on Making a Case for Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) – It is Much More Than Just a Carbon Removal Technology (July 2023)

The paper highlights the importance of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU) and the need for more political recognition and support for CCU. CCU is a central pillar for the biggest transformation of the chemical and material industry since the industrial revolution. But it needs political support that goes beyond carbon removal only (

RCI’s Scientific Background Report on The Use of Food and Feed Crops for Bio-based Materials and the Related Effects on Food Security – Promoting Evidence-based Debates and REcognising Potential Benefits (June 2023)

The paper aims to show that the well-known debate on biomass utilisation for bio-based materials is flawed, subjective and not fully based on evidence. The authors of the paper argue that using food and feed crops for chemicals and materials will not necessarily exacerbate food insecurity, and in fact has the potential to cause multiple benefits for local and global food security, climate mitigation and other factors (


Short 2-pager summarising the key take-aways of the paper

RCI Carbon Flows Report: Compilation of supply and demand of fossil and renewable carbon on a global and European level (March 2023)

The Carbon Flows report is a compilation of supply and demand of fossil and renewable carbon on a global and European level. It provides a comprehensive understanding of today’s carbon flows and what it means to replace fossil carbon with renewable carbon in the materials and chemicals sectors (

RCI’s Scientific BACKGROUND Report on the CO2 Reduction potential of the chemical industry through CCU (MAY 2022)

In an exploratory scenario, this study investigates the CO emission reductions that can be achieved in the global chemical and derived material industries if, as a plausible scenario, the entire demand for embedded carbon is met solely and exclusively via CO-based methanol instead of methanol from fossil sources (

RCI’s Scientific BACKGROUND Report on Renewable Carbon as a guiding principle for sustainable carbon cycles (February 2022)

This is the core background paper of RCI and explains in detail why it is right to choose renewable carbon as a guiding principle for sustainable development in the chemicals and materials sectors (

Further publications

Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) Shapes the Future of the Chemicals and Materials Sector (June 2023)

The June issue of the magazine “Chemical Industry Digest – Special Annual on Sustainability” outlines the goal, vision and achievements of the RCI.

Letter to the Commission on the definition of natural polymers in the REACH microplastics restriction (February 2023)

A co-signed letter with BioChem Europe (a sector group of Cefic), EDANA, EuropaBio, European BioPlastics, and GO!PHA, where specific concerns about the proposed definition of “natural polymers” in the adoption the Synthetic Polymer Microparticles restrictions (REACH Microplastics Restriction) of the European Commission as well as an alternative definition are suggested.

nova paper #12: Renewable carbon – key to a sustainable and future-oriented chemical and plastic industry(SEptember 2020)

Webinar: Renewable Carbon Initiative (RCI) Webinar slides – June 2023 (PDF)

Introduction COMIC: NORA and her flyphone on Renewable carbon

RCI Launch: Recording of the online press conference (SEptember 2020)

RCI Launch: Presentation slides of the online press conference (SEptember 2020)

Materials, Visuals and Infographics

Member Overview: Large Suppliers, SME (July 2023)

Member Overview: Brands, Start-Ups, Research Institutes and Partners (July 2023)

Graphic: European Policy under the New Green Deal (JUly 2021)

InfoGraphic: Renewable energy and renewable carbon for a sustainable future

InfoGraphic: Renewable Carbon

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