CovationBio is dedicated to finding ways to enhance the quality of life through high performance, competitively priced materials while progressively reducing the environmental impacts of industry.  We are honored to be working with other industry leaders and forward thinkers in RCI to advance use of renewable carbon and decouple materials from fossil feedstocks.

We believe bio-based materials are part of a revolution that will help us build a more sustainable and satisfying life. They are renewably sourced without compromising performance or value. The possible applications are limited only by our collective imagination, which has no end. We believe this is just the beginning.

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CavationBio is continuing our heritage of leadership in sustainable materials innovation as we bring world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace, focused on partnerships with forward-thinkers to promote the new bioeconomy.

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Interview with Hao Ding, CovationBio (US/CN), RCI November 2022 (1275 downloads )
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