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The transition toward a low-carbon economy remains one of the fundamental challenges of our society. At Dow, we have set an ambitious target of being carbon neutral by 2050. As a large producer and consumer of energy, this is a complex challenge and one we are determined to meet. In addition to continuously finding ways to reduce emissions from our operations, we are collaborating to invest in new technologies and processes that will decarbonize our industry. At the same time, we are helping our customers reduce their emissions by innovating lower-carbon products. Our target is aligned to the RCI aim to support and speed up the transition from fossil carbon to renewable carbon for all organic chemicals and materials. Our science-based strategy includes a phased approach to decarbonize while meeting growing demand for our products and contributing to a low-carbon future through continued investment in new products, technologies and processes. Our actions include replacing end-of-life assets with higher-efficiency, lower-emissions technology; accelerating investment in renewables; innovative low-carbon materials and solutions and investing in transformative, next generation technologies.

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