AllocNow is a pioneering cleantech company, focusing on the chemical and process industry. Its mission is to facilitate the sustainability transformation by providing a platform that enables effective management of the environmental impact of products at scale. The Product Sustainability Platform automates lifecycle assessments with unprecedented levels of consistency, efficiency, and reliability, supporting companies on their journey towards net zero and circularity.

AllocNow’s active engagement in the RCI underscores its dedication to collaborative sustainability initiatives, technological advancement, and transformative change within the chemical industry.

By leveraging AllocNow’s expertise in harmonising sustainability assessment and reporting, along with its proficiency in digitalisation, AllocNow aims to integrate digital perspectives seamlessly, ensure scalability, and champion the inclusion of digital voices, also in legislative processes.

This pivotal step is instrumental in facilitating a pragmatic and workable implementation of regulations, ultimately leading to the effective scaling of sustainability initiatives across the industry and benefiting all RCI members.

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