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Mercer operates modern facilities and sources fibre from sustainably managed forests to produce natural, fibre-based products, including pulp, dimensional lumber and cross-laminated timber, pallets, pellets, bioenergy, biochemicals and biomaterials.

Through third-party certification, Mercer can assure its customers and stakeholders that the fibre they purchase comes from low-risk, sustainably managed forests. The forests and trees that Mercer uses are valuable resources and their efficient use is one of Mercer’s key responsibilities. Mercer strives to meet this responsibility by continually improving resource efficiency initiatives to minimise its environmental impact and conserve forest resources.

As the largest corporate buyer and processor of industrial timber grades in Germany, Mercer is also the largest processor of biogenic carbon in the form of lignin liquor. Today primarily converted into renewable energy with a capacity of approximately 200 MWel, Mercer is pursuing a future material use of lignin for a wide range of biogenic carbon applications.

Mercer looks forward to working with the RCI to further explore the issue of carbon from different sources and the need for a widely accepted taxonomy for a circular carbon economy in the future.

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