Peter Greven

As an oleochemical company PETER GREVEN has been using renewable carbon ever since. The oleochemical industry is one of the oldest parts of the bio-based economy using plant oils and animal rendered fats that replenish themselves in the natural biological cycle. Additionally, oleochemical products serve as additives – e.g. for paper applications – that enhance the recyclability of several products. Using high-volume plant oils and side-streams from other industries and by enabling recycling for biobased products, the oleochemistry is a crucial part of the Bioeconomy and the Circular Economy.

We would like to support the full switch to renewable carbon and believe this can only be achieved in valuable partnership across industries and along the value chain.

Company profile

We are one of the leading manufacturers of oleochemical products based on renewable raw materials. We have always produced additives based on renewable raw materials and can look back to a long experience with these raw materials and associated production technologies. This is the basis for the continuous development of new products and customized solutions for various applications like lubricants, plastics and the food, feed, pharma industry.

Our family business was founded in 1923 and has continuously developed ever since. Today we are an internationally well positioned group of companies with production facilities in Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia and the USA and serve customers in more than 85 countries.

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