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“Get the power of plants is the claim of our Group Strategy. One objective is to deliver plant based solutions for renewable carbon, too.”

With our strategy 2026 PLUS Südzucker expresses the focus of their activities based on purpose, mission and vision statement. We clearly want to contribute to an enjoyable, healthy, and sustainable world based on the power of plants. By joining the RCI, Südzucker underscores the company’s ambitions to support an accelerated transformation of the use of fossil carbon to renewable carbon from biomass, carbon dioxide and recycling.

Company profile

As a leading integrated group of companies with plant-based solutions for food, energy and other applications, we strive for a livable, healthy and sustainable world. Around 18,000 employees in our five segments are committed to being the leading partner for plant-based solutions on behalf of our customers.

Südzucker is a multinational corporation whose sugar, special products, starch and fruit segments are key food industry players, while its CropEnergies segment is the EU’s leading ethanol producer. Südzucker AG, based in Mannheim, is the parent company of the Südzucker Group and also the largest operating company.

We process agricultural raw materials into high quality products, especially into food for industrial customers and end users but also feed and other products for the food and non-food industries. In this process, the raw materials are to a large extent fully utilized and refined. Our marketing focuses on business-to-business clients.

A strong ownership structure provides a reliable framework for the company’s development.

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Interview with Dr.-Ing. Jens Angermann, Südzucker Group, (Germany), RCI March 2024 (48 downloads)

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