Renewable Carbon Plastics

For over 15 years, bioplastics MAGAZINE has been the go-to destination for insights into the dynamic world of bioplastics. Recently, they celebrated their 100th edition and simultaneously announced their official rebranding to “Renewable Carbon Plastics” (RCP). This transformation signifies their commitment to a broader and more inclusive vision for the plastics industry, one that embraces innovative approaches to address the critical challenges of plastic pollution and climate change.
While plastics play an irreplaceable role in our modern society, their production from fossil-based resources has exacted a toll on our environment. We’ve witnessed decades of mismanagement, abysmal recycling rates, and the alarming consequences of unchecked plastic waste. It’s high time for a sustainable shift.
RCP is dedicated to ushering in this transformative era by exploring and championing a spectrum of sustainable plastic solutions. Their new focus extends beyond traditional bioplastics to encompass plastics derived from renewable carbon sources, including Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU), and Advanced Recycling technologies.

Renewable Carbon Plastics is an independent and neutral source of information for all. Renewable Carbon Plastics has an average print run of more than 3,000 (depending on large events such as exhibitions or conferences). The online version has an average readership of 11,000 (across all issues) since they made the online flipbook more easily available at the beginning of the pandemic.
Renewable Carbon Plastics is complemented by the bioplastics basic books (by now in six languages) and high-class conferences such as PLA World Congress, the PHA platform World Congress as well as the Bioplastics Business Breakfasts (during K-fair), the bio!PAC, and bio!TOY, published and organized by Polymedia Publisher.

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